PAH: Adequate housing is critical in our local communities

Adequate housing is critical for local jobs and strong economies, essential to students’ success in school, and vital to positive health outcomes. The statewide evidence, however, reveals that there is [...]

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Counterpoint: Outstate, the homeless crisis is lack of shelters

The commentary “All policy levers must be used to meet needs” (June 25) did a great job of highlighting the need for more affordable housing. It’s vitally important to pass [...]

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Partners for Affordable Housing: Pandemic exacerbates housing struggles

W here people live affects all parts of their lives. It affects access to food, transportation, health care, safety, employment, education and more – and can determine whether families thrive. [...]

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Partners for Affordable Housing: Homeless support still crucial during pandemic

As Minnesotans continue with the extension of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, those experiencing homelessness are now faced with greater challenges. The work done at Partners for Affordable Housing (PAH) is [...]

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Bipartisan organizations announce $500 million bonding request for affordable housing in Minnesota

ST. PETER - Ahead of the next legislative session, bipartisan organizations Homes for All and Partners for Affordable Housing announced an agenda to push for $500 million dollars in bonds [...]

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