Our Board of Directors supports our mission and works with leadership to strategize for our future. The Board meets on a monthly basis, and committees (made of Board members and non-Board members meet every 1-2 months). Current committees include: Executive, Governance, Fundraising/Events, and Finance. We are looking to add Personnel, Property and St. Peter Committees in the future.

We do not have any openings for Board members currently, but if you are interested in joining in the future or interested in being a volunteer to join a committee, please contact Jen Theneman at 507-304-7130 or


All people have a safe place to call home.


To guide individuals and families on a path towards housing stability.



  1. Serve a minimum of one (1) three-year term on the Board. Eligible to serve unlimited terms.
  2. Fully understand and support the mission of the organization.
  3. Attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings of the Board of Directors either in person or remotely. The full Board of Directors meets the 4th Thursday of every month from 5:00pm –6:30pm.
  4. All board members are asked to financially contribute.
  5. Attend, support, and participate in special organization events
  6. Participate actively in one or more committees of the Board.
  7. Bring personal and/or professional expertise to support the mission of the organization.

The Board of Directors is seeking additional volunteer members. If interested in applying, please fill out the application below.


Thank you for your interest in serving as a member of the Board of Directors of Partners for Housing. Serving on the board is a rewarding experience and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Completing this form will help you understand the skills and time commitments of this leadership position. Previous non-profit organization or board experience is beneficial, but not required.

This application will be kept confidential. Applications are used by the Board to identify and evaluate potential board candidates. All new board members are elected by a majority vote of current board members.