Transitional Housing and Rapid Re-housing are programs that help homeless individuals and families transition into permanent housing in a period of 24 months or less. THP includes intensive case management, rental subsidy, and other financial assistance that relates to barriers of housing. It focuses on full-time permanent employment with financial stability being the core of the programs. This program requires 30 days of employment prior to acceptance onto the program. Monthly budgeting is a requirement of both programs. Collaboration to other needed resources such as mental health professionals, local school districts, food pantries, county human services, legal aid is frequently involved in case management.

Long-Term Housing Program consists of case management to clients that reside in a 30% subsidized housing unit, with no time restrictions. This program is designed to offer ongoing support to those that qualify as long term homeless in the state of Minnesota.


If you have questions about how to get on these programs please call our Transitional Housing Advocate Jessica at 507-387-2115 ext1