Although we are no longer accepting donations of household items for our guests and clients, we do require a steady stream of consumables to maintain our shelters and to assist our guests with needs that arise. When we receive donations of such items, we are able to use our financial resources for programming and client support. We thank you for your help!
Consumable Supplies

Provide supplies to help fill the gaps

  • Cleaning supplies: bleach- or alcohol-based as well as unscented and natural items
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Disposable gloves
  • Diapers, training pants and wipes
Food Needs

Help with food needs

  • Bring a homemade meal once per month
  • Provide grocery gift cards (increments of $50 and under)
  • Make a meal with our guests, and help calculate expenses
  • Contact us at 507.387.2115 x 4 to arrange Partnerswishlist (1)

Provide supplies to help fill the gaps

Visit Partners’ Amazon WishList

  • Start a Pillow Drive!
  • Provide natural hair care items for African American women
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Diapers and training pants of all sizes
Fuel Only

Help with transportation needs

  • Provide Lyft or Uber gift cards
  • Purchase City of Mankato Bus tokens
  • Purchase True Transit rides
  • Gas-only gift cards (increments $25 and under)

Donate your birthday

Let’s face it – You’re pretty special!

Your birthday has a life-changing impact when you donate it to your favorite cause! Create a Facebook fundraiser and ask your friends to give a donation to Partners for Affordable Housing instead of buying you a gift!

Smart Ideas

Let us know YOUR idea!

You’re smart – You’re creative.

Do you have ideas to share with us?

Call 507.387.2115 x4 and let us know!