Emergency Housing for Homeless Families and Single Women

Our three shelters provide emergency housing for homeless families and single women. We do not serve single men, however during winter months, they can be served at the Salvation Army and Connections Shelters. Guests at the shelter work with a case manager to overcome identified barriers to successful housing. Our facility is secured and is staffed by many friendly and professional staff. We offer life skill workshops on a weekly basis to improve knowledge of our guest during their 90 day stay with us.

Between the three shelters, we have 25 living spaces that can accommodate singles and families. Guests are provided simple bedrooms with a shared kitchen, bathroom and living space. Some small, private apartments are also available for families. Guest can stay up till 90 days at our shelter. Working towards achieving goals and establishing a budget we work day to day to give clients skills and knowledge for them to be successful on their own.

Application for Emergency Shelter

Theresa House

423 S. Broad St, Mankato, MN 56001

The Theresa House began in a convent community of the School Sisters of Notre Dame that became the pastoral care center of St. Peter & Paul’s Church. As early as 1975, they offered housing to refugee families before opening its doors as a shelter to assist families and single females in August of 1996. Theresa House merged with Partners for Affordable Housing in 2009.

Committed to serving homeless families and individuals, it provides housing and access to a social worker and other supportive services. 

Welcome Inn

419 S. Broad St, Mankato, MN 56001

Partners for Affordable Housing opened the Welcome Inn Transitional Living Center the summer of 1985. Committed to serving homeless families and individuals, it provides housing and access to a social worker and other supportive services. 

Union Street Place

221 Union Street, St Peter, MN 56082

Our newest location, Union Street Place, formerly the St Peter Motel, operates year-round for single women and families, including children. Currently, we do not serve single men, only men that are part of a family unit. Our program provides 7 safe, comfortable and private sleeping areas, with shared common spaces including kitchen, living room, bathrooms, laundry facilities and on-site parking.

Guests are required to meet with our caring staff who provide case management support regularly during their stay of up to 90 days. Our staff help guests find housing, and overcome barriers through navigating resources such as transportation, food access, child care, budgeting and goal setting, employment and more. To be respectful of other guests, we do enforce a 10 pm curfew.

There is great demand for our services, so please fill out our shelter application and we will contact you when there is a vacancy.

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