Future Uncertain for Homelessness Resources

Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (MCH) is comprised of over 70 member agencies throughout the state. It is a nonpartisan organization supporting state policy that promotes housing stability and economic [...]

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MCH Recommends funding Housing Infrastructure Bonds

Earlier this month, Partners for Housing’s (P4H) executive director met with the staff from Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (MCH) to discuss Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIB), and how to [...]

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Funding housing for homeless requires political will

When people think about entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations rarely come to mind. Likewise, few people understand the role of nonprofit entrepreneurs in local and regional economies. Fewer still understand the potential [...]

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County starts budgeting process amid myriad uncertainties

MANKATO — Blue Earth County is poised to set a preliminary levy increase of 5% for next year, but it’s a number that several commissioners say they hope to reduce [...]

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