Organizers aim to fill bus with donations to help Partners for Housing

MANKATO — The “Do Good Bus” will be making rounds Wednesday to collect toys, games, gift cards and household cleaning products for distribution to families and individuals experiencing homelessness or [...]

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Safety for domestic violence victims more challenging under stayat-home order

MANKATO — Minnesota’s stay-at-home order poses a unique set of challenges for victims of domestic abuse and their advocates. When Gov. Tim Walz’s stay-at-home order went into effect March 28, [...]

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St. Clair third grader collects pillows for homeless families

MANKATO — Shortly after Sydney Stover turned 9 years old last month, a package for her arrived in the mail. The St. Clair third grader thought it might be a [...]

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Homeless project aims to shed light, offer solutions

The Free Press embarks today on a continuing series about homelessness in the Mankato region as part of the public service journalism we believe serves our communities and helps them [...]

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