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Stock photo of a mother reading to her young son

As a young mother of a preschooler, Tammy* had been living with her father until he notified her that he was withdrawing his support. She was devastated by this news. Where would she live and how could she support herself and her son? She was unemployed because she was unable to find childcare for Tyler, who had been diagnosed with multiple health issues, including behavioral health concerns.

Tammy heard about Partners for Housing’s (P4H’s) Theresa House Emergency Shelter from a social worker and was able to move into the shelter shortly before Christmas. During her stay, P4H staff helped Tammy connect with housing and financial resources.

Once the family received much needed medical help, Tammy was able to get Tyler into a preschool program, and she found a part-time job at a local gas station to help pay rent and provide for her family.

Tammy and Tyler were able to move out of the Theresa House and into their own 2-bedroom apartment within 60 days, a full month sooner than the typical 90-day deadline for shelter guests.

“I don’t know what I’d have done if not for the support of Jessica and Kelsey [P4H’s housing advocate and shelter manager],” remarked Tammy, “We would have been one of those families living in their cars.”

I don’t know what I’d have done if not for the support of [P4H’s staff]. We would have been one of those families living in their cars.


Tammy now participates in P4H’s Transitional Housing Program (THP), which helps homeless individuals and families transition into permanent housing and become self-sufficient in a period of 24 months or less. THP includes intensive case management, rental subsidy, and other financial assistance which helps overcome the various barriers to stable housing. It focuses on the client gaining permanent employment with financial stability and monthly budgeting at the core. Clients partner with P4H’s case manager and are connected with local resources.

Tammy’s story is not finished. She is still working to achieve financial success. She checks in regularly with her case manager and continues to make progress toward independently maintaining stable housing on her own.

*In the interest of confidentiality, we have not used our clients real names or photographs.