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Sharon and James Plant New Roots


Sharon came from Mississippi to Mankato for a temporary visit to care for her daughter and grandson after her daughter’s C-section. During that visit, Sharon received the devastating news that the house she shared with her fiancé, James, had been destroyed by fire, along with everything in it.

She decided to seek out shelter in Mankato so she could remain close to her daughter and new grandson. She heard about the Theresa House and came to apply for temporary shelter while she and James – who would eventually join her in Mankato – could get back on their feet. As a Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA), Sharon was able to find work quickly, but the housing situation was a lot more difficult to tackle. Additionally, James had crippling knee pain and was unable to drive.

“I was so devastated and depressed, crying all the time. I had nothing left except the clothes in my small suitcase,” she explained, “and James didn’t even have a suitcase of clothes.”

Sharon went on to say that, in working with the shelter manager and staff, each day got better than the one before. P4H staff helped the couple get clothing, lined up transportation so they could get to their jobs, and helped them with the process of finding housing they could afford. Sharon started to have hope about her future, and when the day came for her and James to move out, she was sad to be leaving.

“I am truly, truly grateful and appreciative for all they did to help us. Even though you know that it’s a shelter, it feels like a home when you’re there,” Sharon continued. “It was so comfortable and the people who worked there were kind and supportive. It was a truly beautiful experience.”

Since their move-out in 2019, Sharon stops by the shelter regularly to check in and let staff know how she and James are doing, and to find out how the shelter team is doing as well.

When we asked Sharon about her plans for the future, she shared that she is feeling well-settled in the community and loves coming home to her apartment. She would like to scale back on the CNA duties and find work that is not as physically demanding.

She wanted to share some encouraging words to others who find themselves facing homelessness. “Keep your head up, put in the work it takes and you will be successful. Just keep pressing on, and trust God to get you through it.”

Sharon and James Plant New Roots

Keep your head up, put in the work it takes, and you will be successful.

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Letter from the Board of Directors

On behalf of our board of directors, we would like to start with a sincere thank you for engaging with Partners for Housing and taking the time to read our newsletter. Our organization has been blessed by tremendous community support for over 30 years. We’re able to achieve our mission because of the incredible work and resources of our supporters. So, again, thank you for your collaboration and contributions. Together, we are making a positive impact.

Today, we’re sharing some very important news about the next chapter for our organization. After 5 incredible years, Jen Theneman, Executive Director, will be leaving Partners for Housing effective August 2, 2022, to explore a new opportunity with Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership.

Articulating the immense appreciation we have for Jen and her impact on the organization is difficult. She has been a catalyst for positive change throughout her tenure, bringing passion and energy to everything she does. Leaders are meant to strengthen their organizations over time, and Jen has certainly left Partners for Housing stronger than it was five years ago. Fortunately, Jen will continue to be an advocate for our guests, as well as the broader challenges with affordable housing throughout Minnesota, in her new role.

After Jen’s announcement several weeks ago, we have been encouraged to see the staff accept and embrace the upcoming changes, remaining ever-committed to the work we do in our community.  They have worked together with our board of directors to assist Jen with a plan that ensures we will continue to operate and provide our services well into the future.

While we work as a group to recruit a new Executive Director, we would also like to thank and introduce our interim Co-Executive Directors who will be assisting Partners for Housing in the coming weeks and months: Trisha Anderson and Beth Winterfeldt. As our finance manager, Trisha brings her practical knowledge and skills, and she will handle organizational operations. As our Housing Programs Manager, Beth will focus on our programs that assist our guests with navigating shelter and transitional housing.

Please join us in thanking Jen for her years of dedicated service and welcoming Trisha and Beth to their interim roles.

While change is difficult and uncertain, our organization remains devoted to ensuring we can continue to provide the services that our guests and community need. Our board is committed to ensuring that we find a great candidate; one who has the right attributes and heart to build on the impeccable foundation Jen has helped establish while propelling our mission to new heights.


The Partners for Housing Board of Directors

Our organization remains devoted to ensuring we can continue to provide the services that our guests and community need.

Our board is committed to ensuring that we find a great candidate; one who has the right attributes and heart to build on the impeccable foundation Jen has helped establish while propelling our mission to new heights.

-P4H Board of Directors

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Mankato Marathon

partners for housing is honored to participate in the Mankato marathon charities program, October 14 -15, 2022.

Four champion runners will represent P4H in this fundraising endeavor. Please visit partnersforhousing.org/marathon for more information or to sponsor one of the champion runners.

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Get ready to Pedal!

This year, we will be trying a new format and schedule. Teams of EIGHT will compete in 15 heats for a broad array of prizes. Form teams, sponsor the event, or cheer on your favorite rider/fundraiser. For more information, click the link below:

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Thank you!

A special note of thanks to Greater Mankato Area United Way for their ongoing funding, which allows us to continue operating our emergency shelters and programs.

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FY 2021-2022 Donations

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In the interest of consistency, we will be acknowledging donors for our entire fiscal year, July 1 – June 30, on an annual basis in our Fall newsletter. To receive the list of 2021-2022 donors, please call or send an email message.

Board of Directors

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All people have a safe place to call home.


To guide individuals and families on a path towards housing stability

  • Represent a diverse population
  • Interested in fundraising
  • Lived experience of homelessness
  • Human resources experience

The Board of Directors is seeking additional volunteer members. If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of others by helping to provide stable housing, this might be a great opportunity for you.

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