Mike, married father of four, moved into his family’s new apartment last month, and he is brimming with ambition to get his life back on track.

Mike explained that before he started working with Partners for Housing, he had gone through addiction issues that eventually led to a marital separation and caused him to lose his housing and custody of his children. He checked into a substance abuse rehabilitation (rehab) program, and during the 90-day program, he was able to restore his health and make goals for his life as an individual, husband and father.

Upon discharge from rehab with a newfound stamina, Mike decided “enough is enough” and needed to choose what was important – his children and his marriage. Mike knew that his goals needed to include sobriety, job search, securing housing, reconciling with his wife, and getting his children back. Mike was able to get a job with a local sanitation company and has risen to the level of lead supervisor.

“It’s a job I really enjoy, and I’ve worked hard to achieve and maintain my standing in the company,” he commented.

His children have been in foster care for several months due to other family issues, and when we spoke, he talked about the importance of his family in every sentence.

While researching his housing options, Mike applied for and was accepted into Partners for Housing’s (P4H’s) Rapid Rehousing (RRH) program. Through RRH, the P4H housing team works with clients to identify barriers and set goals to overcome them to attain stable housing and a healthy life. The program models advocacy and empowerment to help clients become self-sufficient by the end of their participation. Additionally, clients in RRH receive a rental subsidy to
ensure that they are only spending, at most, 30% of their household’s income on rent. During their time in the program, clients and housing team continue to work collaboratively to overcome barriers that had prevented them from maintaining stable housing in the past.

“If you know what you want, put all your energy into it and keep trying. Work hard to achieve it. Anything is possible.”


Rehousing people is no easy task. There are so many reasons that people may have lost housing in the past – medical crises, job loss, substance abuse, past eviction, incarceration, house fire, divorce – just to name a few.

Mike had been struggling to find adequate housing due to his criminal record. After landlord appeals and letters of recommendation, he was able to find housing for his family. He and his wife have reconciled and are working together to regain custody of their children, whom they currently see on weekends or during school breaks.

Mike also has started taking classes toward his degree in Automotive Technology. His plan is to use this degree to be promoted within his current company to a truck service position.

When asked about his short- and long-term goals, Mike explained, “In five years, I plan to be done with school, have a higher-paying job, pay off my debt and start saving to buy a home.”

His words to encourage others: “If you know what you want, put all your energy into it and keep trying. Work hard to achieve it. Anything is possible.”