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Hello Everyone,

We are so excited to announce that starting the Month of November the Theresa House and Welcome Inn Shelters will now offer workshops to our Shelter and THP Clients. Deep-rooted in the community for over 30 years, Partners for Affordable Housing is seasoned in serving the housing needs for vulnerable populations. The organization owns and operates several site housing facilities that provide different housing options. In addition to our emergency shelters, Theresa House and Welcome Inn, we provide transitional and permanent affordable housing options to homeless and/or at-risk individuals and families in the Mankato area.

Over the last few months our staff has brainstormed ways that we can improve our shelter and our THP program. The idea that kept resurfacing was, weekly workshops. We believe bringing in the community experts to teach our clients some life skills may contribute to our overall goal, which is to find affordable sustainable permanent housing for our clients. Giving them motivation and hands on information around different topics that you or your business specializes in. We believe this will give them the tools needed to be successful. We are excited for you to be involved with that process.

The purpose of this is to ask you to donate your time and your knowledge to help others that have hit a rough time in their life. Giving them tools and resources is the best way we know how to make them successful. These workshops will be made available every Friday from 10AM-11:30 AM. The location of these workshops will be at Centenary Church (501 S 2nd Street). If you or your business are interested in signing up to teach a workshop on a topic of your choice, and you think people could benefit from your information, please sign contact

We thank you for your time and participation, on the behalf of the entire staff we want to say how impressed with the Mankato Community support our organization gets. Thank you and we hope to continue to work with you soon.

If you are interested further please contact


Thank you!